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Authentication problem on the website

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Hello, I am recently experiencing an issue when logging in to mycanal. I am a customer from abroad (UK).

My account does not seem to be associated with any email anymore, when I try to login from the android app I enter my email and password (saved into my password manager) and I am told the email is unknown / password is wrong.

The email is unknown also to the password recovery service, I have never changed it since I never had the need and also to be sure I have tried all email addresses I own and none are recognised.
Yesterday I opened the browser and I was still logged in, I went into `Settings` and I have seen the `email` field is blank, I tried to change it but I was prompted to log in again (which I cannot do). I think the browser had a cached logged in state and was malfunctioning.
Since then I have logged out, and I am unable to log in ever again.

It seems to me that my account is not holding my email associated with it anymore, some malfunction put it to blank and I cannot change it anymore.

Also, I cannot contact customer services, you need to be logged in to see that page!
It is impossible for me to call abroad as well.

I have tried to re-subscribe putting my Customer number in the form, but it asks also for the ZIP code and I cannot recall which is the ZIP code I have used when signing up. I am definitely locked out of my account.

I am perfectly able to prove my identity to whoever could help me (via providing the payment details) but I think there is no one that can help me with this? Is there an email address I can request for help?


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Canal+ dont sell offers in UK.
And with an offer suscribe in France, you can only have access for travels on others UE countries.