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Letter to Canal+ client xxxxxxx

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Dear Sir or Madam, I am possibly your most unhappy client.
I have just spoken to Flora of your call centre (09 70 82 08 15) for 20 minutes, 09:40 - 10:00).
I am being charged for something I have not ordered and do not want, called Tele+, I think.
She tells me that I must be wrong and have knowingly ordered this product!
Yesterday I spoke with Nora at the same centre who assured me that she would rectify this matter.
According to Flora I must be charged for the first month. Some sort of penalty I presume.
I don't want to discuss this matter further, as I want to get my life back.
If someone at Canal+ cares at all about customer satisfaction, could you please cancel all charges which do not relate to Canal+ sport. Otherwise I will pay the 10 Euros P.V.

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Olivier - Equipe CANAL
Olivier - Equipe CANAL
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I am very sorry to read that. Unfortunately we don't have access to your account information. For any question regarding your subscription, please contact once gain our Customer Services: